West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (17 December, 2010) – Ideas-4-Pets, a leading online supplier of pet products and animal housing, encourage their customers to invest in heated pet beds and heaters to ensure their pets are warm during the cold winter period.

According to recent reports, the UK is suffering the coldest winter in over 31 years and most regions of Britain have recently been hit by an invasion of snow. Many homeowners and their pets have been confined within their homes and temperatures have reportedly hit as low as –20C in some parts of the country. Therefore, it is imperative the general public ensure their loved ones are protected by providing appropriate heating in their homes.

Ideas-4-Pets is a leading online provider of high quality pet products, such as dog cages, vivarium cabinets and rabbit hutches. This online pet store provides a wide variety of heated dog and cat beds, kennel heaters, blankets and insulated dog cabins etc. These products will ensure pets are kept warm throughout the winter period and will help them to avoid illness.

Sue Lloyd, co-partner of Ideas-4-Pets, commented: “During the winter period, many people fail to provide their pets with appropriate heating to ensure they are warm throughout the bitter cold weather. With temperatures dropping and showing no signs of rising in the near future, there is no better time to purchase products such as heated cat beds or dog kennel heaters. Here at Ideas-4-Pets we provide fantastic pet products which are made from high quality materials and they are extremely affordable.”

For more information on Ideas-4-Pets and their winter pet products, visit their website at http://www.ideas-4-pets.com/ or telephone 01274 562204

About Ideas-4-Pets:
Since they began trading in 2003, Ideas-4-Pets have grown to become one of the largest online retailers of pet housing. They specialise in supplying high quality dog kennels, dog cages, dog beds, parrot cages, rabbit hutches, chicken coops and many other pet products at affordable prices, hand in hand with pet care advice and information to enable pet owners, to provide a practical and safe environment for their pets.

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