Novus Biologicals Releases Two New Posters To Guide Antibody Research


Cambridge, England (29 July 2010) – Novus revealed two new posters at the ISSCR 8th Annual Meeting between June 16 – 19 – a fluorescent labels poster and a stem cell signaling pathway poster.

The fluorescent labels poster displays all fluorophores that Novus offers conjugated to their primary antibodies. The stem cell signaling pathway poster provides a detailed visual tool for understanding how stem cell proteins interact in this complex pathway. Both posters are 18 x 24 inches in size and fold into quadrants for ease of handling.

Fluorescent labels are useful tools for antibody detection and research. Researchers attach fluorophores to a protein or antibody of interest, which allows it to fluoresce in order to be detected by techniques such as FACS/flow cytometry, Western Blot analysis, and other immunoassays. Novus offers many pre-labeled antibodies as well as Lightning-Link Antibody Labeling Kits for quick and easy antibody labeling. Novus’ fluorescent labels poster vividly describes various fluorophores, depicting their absorption and emission wavelengths with their corresponding visual color upon scanning.

Stem cell signaling is a complex and multifaceted pathway that controls stem cell maintenance and differentiation. Novus’s stem cell signaling poster presents the proteins and receptors involved in these pathways in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow diagram. Initial signaling is broken up into four main signaling cascades: Notch signaling, Hedgehog Signalling, Wnt Signalling, and BMP/Activin/Nodal Signalling. Arrows direct the pathway from signal reception outside of the cell to signal transduction processes within various organelles within the cell. The poster displays many of Novus’s top antibodies that impact the stem cell signaling pathway, including Sonic Hedgehog, beta-Catenin, Jagged1, CK1, and CD44.

These posters are ideal reference tools for fluorescent labeling and stem cell research. To request one or both of these posters by mail, please contact Novus Biologicals by emailing

To find out more about Novus Biologicals and its antibody database, visit their website at or call +44 (0)1223 426001.

About Novus Biologicals:

Novus Biologicals is an international scientific company, that helps to accelerate the advancement of scientific discoveries by developing and commercializing new products in scientific and biological fields. By promoting and commercializing unique biological materials and products to the biological research community, Novus plays an important part in helping to advance international biological research practices. Novus is also constantly monitoring emerging scientific trends and strives to supply products for their advancement.

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