Nutricia UK is to Provide Advanced Nutrition to the Medical Industry

[23-5-12] – Thanks to Nutricia UK, many people that have advanced nutrition requirements can get access to the nutrients they need to aid their development and recovery. A spokesperson for Nutricia UK commented: “Here at Nutricia UK we are dedicated to providing solutions that help the very young, the very old and the very sick to get all the nutrients they need” She continued:  “With a range of nutrition formulas, we aim to be able to help as many people as possible to live the best lives they possibly can.”

Nutrition Solutions for Everybody

Nutricia UK’s products are formulated to cater to specific requirements and help patients with a wide range of conditions. The solutions are for use under medical supervision and are used in hospitals and other medical centres throughout the country and also throughout Europe. As the largest provider of its kind in Europe, Nutricia UK has helped countless people to gain access to the nutrients they need. A nutrition expert at a UK hospital had to say: “The products from Nutricia UK really do help so many people to have the best quality of life they can” She continued: “If it wasn’t for Nutricia UK, we would often struggle to help patients as much as we can today”

The products supplied by Nutricia UK can act as complete diets for patients or as supplements to normal food diets. In cases where the patient is unable to feed themselves then products are available that are suitable for tube feeding, and spoon feeding formulas are also available. If you do find yourself in hospital and in need of nutritional help in the future, you can be rest assured that thanks to Nutricia UK you can get all the nutrition you need.


Nutricia UK is a British company that provides advanced nutrition solutions to the medical industry. Nutricia UK have made the safety and quality of their products a priority for the well-being of the patients that are dependent on them.

In addition to providing nutrition formulas, Nutricia UK also provide delivery systems and support services so that even the very sick can get the nutrients they need.


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