England – 20/01/2012Payday Us have streamlined their processes to offer customers a super quick loan decision and payment

Payday loans are designed to be used for people who need emergency money, and that is exactly what most people use them for. Payday Us, who are always looking for ways to improve their loan service, realised that the best way to help their customers was to give them a quick decision. This led them to overhaul their processes and come up with a quicker process to ensure customers got an answer quickly.

They worked out a way to carry out the checks they needed to do and let the customer know their decision in an hour, or less. Not only that, if their answer was yes they found a way of crediting their customers’ bank accounts with the money they were borrowing within that hour.

Why speed is so important to Payday US

Payday Us have already provided loans to thousands of people. Over time they have built up a good understanding of what the money they lend is being used for. They have dealt with cases where people whose loved ones live abroad have fallen sick. Understandably, people want to be with their loved ones as quickly as possible in these circumstances. Often they can get a flight within a few hours, but do not always have the funds or means to pay for those flights. This is a situation where time is of the essence to the customer. There are many other similar examples of situations where people need funds within hours. If a client has to be turned down for a loan they also need to be told quickly, so that they can approach other companies.

Unlike some other companies Payday Us do more than simply provide a form for customers to fill out. There is a quick calculator on their site that allows customers to see how much their loan would cost and all costs are included in the quote. Their terms and conditions are fully explained and customers can apply for a loan 24/7 on their site.


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