Personalised Cushions Become a Popular Gift

England 16/08/2012- Personalised cushions bring a touch of class to the UK gift market

Personalised cushions have been with us for centuries; however, they fell largely out of fashion in the early 1900s. Prior to this, it was not unusual to find beautiful embroidered cushions decorating a home.

In most cases, members of the family embroidered a personal message onto a cushion and gave it as a gift. This required hundreds of hours of work, so it was a gift that was greatly appreciated.

As with so many decor trends it all began with the rich who had the money to buy the material and leisure time to make and embroider the cushion. In fact, the same is true of cushions in general. They are an ancient item of furnishing which is found in many cultures across the globe. However, all early examples come from palaces and large houses never from ordinary homes. This was simply because the poor could not afford them. Over the years, the cost of materials came down and they became an extremely popular soft furnishing item found in every home.

However, once people stopped taking the time to sew by hand and embroider they stopped embroidering. Therefore, the giving of personalised cushions as gifts fell out of fashion.

Modern personalised cushions

Today, it is modern printing technologies, which have allowed us enjoy personalised cushions again. It is now possible to print practically anything you want onto any item. Personalised cushion manufacturers have taken the technology used in T-shirt printing and used it to print intricate designs onto a wide range of fabrics.

Because it is possible to personalise the present, and everybody uses cushions, demand for this unusual gift item has taken off. It is a relatively new concept, which appeals to modern tastes. Firms like Always Personal who produce a huge range of personalised gift items introduced cushions into their range a few years ago. They were an immediate hit. The most popular personalised cushions are those printed with family photographs. However, people also like the opportunity to have text printed onto them. Sometimes the text is romantic other times it is humorous. Occasionally the text customers ask for make the printers blush. This flexibility makes them the ideal gift.


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