Poole Alcock LLP Comments on CICA Reforms

Cheshire, United Kingdom (9th February, 2012) – Poole Alcock LLP, professional, qualified and experienced solicitors in Chester, comment on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority’s (CICA) reforms to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a government organisation which is funded by the taxpayer and ultimately reviews and decides upon claims for personal injuries suffered by a criminal act. The CICA can accept or reject a claim if an offence took place before 1964, if the applicant has a criminal record and they will also consider their behaviour before, after or during the illegal event. The time and gravity of the conviction could potentially determine whether or not a criminal is awarded compensation.

Kenneth Clark, Justice Secretary for the UK Government, has proposed reforms to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme with the aim to prevent convicted criminals from claiming for injuries or psychological damage as a result of their criminal act. The new reforms will also require all convicted criminals to pay a set amount into the scheme and not just criminals that have been fined as part of their punishment. However, Poole Alcock LLP questions why the criminals should be fined again as they believe they have already paid for their crime.

Poole Alcock LLP, leading criminal defence solicitors, believes there may be a few flaws in the reforms, as innocent people could ultimately be penalised for other people’s mistakes. BBC North Humberside recently reported that Mr Keith Vincent was refused criminal compensation following the murder of his son, Adam, due to Adam’s drug conviction. He was, therefore, punished for an act that had no relation to him.

A spokesperson for Poole Alcock LLP commented: “The law should protect and safeguard anyone that has been the victim of a criminal act. However, the new reforms to the Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme are expected to only grant compensation to convicted criminals in exceptional circumstances.  Here at Poole Alcock LLP, we believe that the compensation should only be rejected if the previous conviction is very serious, and this option is currently available to the CICA. Therefore, we question whether or not these reforms are necessary and if they could possibly be a ploy for the UK Government to win back some popularity.”

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