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29/10/2012- ACE Envelopes offers high-quality bespoke envelopes which are great for promoting any business, charity or direct mail campaign.

Offering 100 printed envelopes in up to four colours for only £60, ACE Envelopes claim to be the number one supplier of coloured and printed envelopes operating online in the UK. Whether you are looking for donation envelopes which can be used to collect money for your charity, or you are looking to start a direct mail campaign which could help your company grow, they offer unique solutions at highly competitive prices.

ACE Envelopes claim an extremely fast turnaround time for printed envelopes and are able to supply customers with the finished products within 5 to 7 days after proof approval. They have over 700 varieties of plain envelope stock available, so customers should have few problems in finding the perfect envelopes for their needs. From plain white to shiny metallic, they offer it all.

ACE Envelopes operate on a job-by-job basis, so their customers will always get the best possible price with no fixed costs to pay on overprinted or bespoke envelopes.

ACE Envelopes also specialise in string and washer closure and are one of the few UK companies to do so. If you are looking for either of these features, you will find them to be one of the best options for both quality and price.

About ACE Envelopes:

ACE Envelopes is a quality envelope supplier and printer who have been operating for 18 years. During this time, the company has grown and improved its service by producing every type of envelope available and tailoring its stock to meet its customer’s requirements.

The company offers over 700 varieties of plain stock, overprint envelopes in 1-6 colours, bespoke custom services and much more.

ACE is able to offer its clients a bespoke service by sourcing and printing envelopes of the highest quality, to meet their needs. As they have excellent contacts within the industry, they are able to source any stock their clients require quickly and at a low cost.


ACE Envelopes Ltd

Hillside House, 2-6 Friern Park

London, UK

Zip: N12 9BT

Tel: 020 8445 0123



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