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Staffordshire, United Kingdom (June 11, 2010) – Prink, a leading UK supplier of cheap ink cartridges and high-quality compatibles for a number of brands, comments on research that suggests changing fonts can save on printer ink.

A study carried out by suggests that varying fonts and sizes can use up different amounts of ink from printer cartridges. By using Ariel as the standard font, they deduced that switching to Times New Roman saved up to twenty percent in ink costs whilst Ecofont (which leaves small holes inside the letters can save up to thirty percent. Century Gothic was one of the most impressive performers saving up to thirty-one percent of ink as opposed to Ariel.

One of the worst-performing fonts however was Franklin, which uses more ink than any other standard font. Prink feel that although it may be wise to adjust fonts to save on inks, they also suggest using compatible ink cartridges for printers as not only do they deliver the same quality as a branded cartridge but are also much more affordable than official ones bought from retail stores.

“The research carried out by is a very interesting read. Not many people would have thought that the font they used would have such a large effect on their ink levels,” commented a spokesperson for Prink. “So while it may be worth switching font, it’s also worth stocking up on cheap and affordable compatible ink cartridges so you don’t have to compromise your text. We have a wide range of compatible ink cartridges at Prink and you can view our full selection on our website today.”

To find out more about Prink and their range of compatible printer ink cartridges and other products, visit their website at or telephone 0845 365 1295 (Mon – Fri, 10 – 4).

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A reputable supplier of cheap and compatible ink cartridges, Prink can also provide inkjet printer supplies, laser toner cartridges, blank CDs, DVDs, printer cables, and more besides. They stock over 60,000 cartridges and all items can be delivered completely free of charge. All ink cartridges are of the highest standards and are compatible with big-brand printers, including Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Dell, Compaq, and many more besides.

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