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Now renowned, the principle that ‘form ever follows function’ – typically ascribed to Louis Sullivan, the celebrated American architect – originally related to the organic principles inherent in modern architecture of the early 19th century, but, as successful designers in other fields are still discovering, the saying still holds true.

Passionate about innovative product design, Innovation Stream are a leading product design company based at Sussex University.  Established way back in 1994 and originally specializing in the development of electrical systems for the automotive, consumer and industrial markets, Innovation Stream have undergone a number of changes over the course of their 15 years working in the industry.

Expanding their range of services in 2000 to keep up with an increased demand in full-cycle product design (the process of managing a product’s entire lifecycle, from manufacture to disposal), Innovation Stream, cementing their reputation as a market leading product design company, become one of the first companies to offer their clients with a ‘one stop shop’ approach to product design.

At Innovation Stream they strive to blend both art and science, with their team of product designers working hard to see aesthetics and function in all their designs.

With a team of designers who have benefitted from experience working in a number of different product design backgrounds, Innovation Stream’s skill set is unrivalled by any other product design company and they pride themselves on their comprehensive services.

With a CAD design service that utilises the very latest techniques in surface modeling, ergonomics and photorealistic rendering, Innovation Stream are able to provide an unrivalled level of product analysis and visualization.

Committed to safety and performance in all their designs, Innovation Stream are careful to see that their product designs all undergo relevant testing to ensure that they perform as expected, rapid prototyping service ensures a high degree of confidence.

A product design company like no other, their sophisticated and unique product design solutions will be in use well into the future.


Innovation Stream Ltd

Innovation Centre

Science Park Square

University of Sussex

East Sussex,  Brighton, UK

Zip: BN1 9SB

Tel: +44-(0)1273-704470

Fax: +44-(0)1273-704499



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