Businesses Can Improve Customer Relations With A Comment Box

Chichester, UK July 24th 2012 – A comment box, though simple in design and premise, can prove a highly effective ways for a business to open a line of communication with its most important asset; its customers. There are many options when it comes to choosing the type of information that you can encourage visitors to leave including a simple comment box or a more in-depth and guided satisfaction survey or questionnaire.

Businesses that want to determine how effect different aspects of their business are can lead with a number of questions, although some customers will be deterred from answering if it requires too much time. Simple tick boxes and a section to leave a more in-depth comment will often prove to be the most beneficial choice that gives everybody the chance to include the information that they want to get across. By keeping it simple, it increases people’s willingness to take part and post their submission.

There are other uses of the comment box too. Competitions can be an effective means of increasing business and of attracting new business. Businesses could give away prize draw entry forms and encourage recipients to browse the shelves by collecting entries in a comment box inside their establishment. All boxes can be made with a lock and businesses can choose whether they want a countertop box or a wall mounted one, depending entirely on their preferences and the layout of their premises or shop. provides a range of high quality and innovative display solutions for restaurants, cafes, shops, and other business premises. Such items include a range of comment boxes offering a selection of colours, styles, and designs. Leaflet holders, standing frames, and counter top displays are just some of the other high quality products on offer.



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