Promotional Staff Help New Companies To Get a Flying Start

England 18/08/2012- In the UK, promotional staff are rarely used, but this is changing as struggling companies try new marketing techniques

A surprising number of UK companies have not heard of using promotional staff to help them with their marketing let alone done so. They tend to advertise what they have to offer using traditional marketing techniques. In most cases, this means placing adverts in newspapers, on billboards and using other printed materials such as leaflets and brochures. Some firms may also market themselves using the web or social media.

However, quite a few still do not take the personal approach. They stop short of employing people to speak to potential customers one on one. Even those that do so tend to employ a traditional sales team who either go from business to business or door-to-door promoting what the company has to offer. However, they tend to overlook other person-to-person marketing techniques such as street marketing or person to person marketing at trade shows and conferences.

This is a shame because these truly personal marketing techniques are extremely effective. Properly trained brand ambassadors can be used to speak to potential customers directly. This personal approach, used in the right context, is far more effective than traditional static marketing techniques. Adverts are seen, but do not really register, whilst a one on one conversation makes a memorable impression.

The current economic situation has made many UK firms look hard at their marketing budgets and led some of them to realise that, pound for pound, they are not always getting good value for money. For firms like Ngage, who have been providing promotional staff to companies for several years this is good news. Demand for their services has soared.

What Ngage promotional staff have to offer

Ngage Ltd has 3,500 fully trained promotional staff on their books. They are based throughout the UK, so can be deployed at very short notice to help with practically any kind of promotion. Firms looking for someone to be the face of their company at a trade show can hire that person from Ngage. On the other hand, should a new nightclub want a team of models to hand out leaflets at midnight Ngage can help with that too.


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