Property Investment Hull is Still Seen as a Viable Option

England–13/02/2012 Despite the drop in the value of property across the UK the property investment Hull market remains strong

In many parts of the UK, the sale of properties has slowed almost to a dribble. However, some parts of the UK are beginning to buck this trend. For example, the property investment Hull market is showing signs of recovery.

Exactly why this is the case is not 100% clear. There are several theories and the chances are that there is some truth in all of them.

Why property investment Hull is taking off again

People are realising that they are getting virtually no interest on their savings. They have tens of thousands of pounds just sitting in the bank effectively losing money because of the affect of inflation. On top of that, they are no longer convinced that banks are a safe place to leave all of their savings. This means that people are looking for new ways to invest their money.

People who would have never previously considered investing in property are now doing exactly that. However, they are doing so cautiously, which means that they are looking to buy relatively cheap property. Hull is a city where it is still possible to buy a family home cheaply.

There are some very expensive areas in the city, but there are plenty of areas where you can buy a 2 or 3-bedroom terrace house for under £70,000, do it up and generate a rental income of around £375. A far, far better return than you could ever hope for from the banks. Plus, you always have the property as a physical asset that can never be completely lost. In many other cities in the UK, you cannot get involved in property investment without having several hundred pounds to invest.

Garness Jones has been offering property management and surveyor services in the city for years now and they have noticed a change in the property investment Hull market. There is more interest from totally new investors and those investors are interested in properties at the bottom end of the market.


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