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England 02/08/2012- Demand for property management Hull with Garness Jones continues to grow

Property management Hull with Garness Jones is a service which has always been in high demand. They have a team of 20 people who are all familiar with the city. Many of them have been working in the industry for several years. Their familiarity with property management coupled with their knowledge of Hull is very much a winning combination.

From the very start, the company decided to put the customer first. Achieving results for their customers is of paramount importance to the company. This approach means they have a good reputation and have gained many clients through word of mouth.

The company started out by offering surveyor services and today this still makes up a significant proportion of their business. They are great general practice Chartered Surveyors. They soon realised that clients who had used them during the buying process were struggling to find a good property management service for their investment properties. As a result, they decided to branch put into property management. When they did so, there was immediate interest and this side of the firm grew steadily. In the past few years, interest in their property management services has grown remarkably. There are several reasons for this.

Why the new interest in Garness Jones’ property management services?

The service they offer is more extensive than that offered by some other firms. They include things like rent collection, investment advice and dispute resolution, which not all other firms offer. The service they offer to commercial property owners is different from that offered to residential property landlords. Their surveying background allows them to offer a range of surveys, which are especially important for commercial property owners. They are qualified to carry out bank loan valuations, condition reports, asset valuations and energy performance certificates (EPCs).

Garness Jones is continuously seeking to improve their service. They watch the market closely and when they see opportunities to get new property owners on their books, they are quick to let them know about the company. This proactive approach and the fact they offer so much news about the local property market on their website is part of the reason they have such a good reputation.


Garness Jones
79 Beverley Road
Hull, East Yorkshire
Zip: HU3 1XR

Tel No. 01482 564564



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