Sales of Monitored Alarm Systems from AIM Are on the Rise

England 4/08/2012- Over the years monitored alarm systems from AIM have changed and today they are more sophisticated

Today, monitored alarm systems from AIM are far more sophisticated than they once were. When the firm first started a monitored alarm was no more sophisticated than a system that when triggered made a call to their call centre.

The other kind of monitored alarm system was one that was monitored via CCTV by on site security guards. At the time, there was no reliable way to pass live pictures to another location, so there was no choice but to have people on site to carry out the monitoring of the pictures. In these cases if the alarm system was triggered the onsite security personnel were notified.

Both these systems worked, but they had some drawbacks and were too expensive for medium and small firms to afford. As a result, early UK security firms began to look for ways to improve their systems. They realised if they did not simplify their systems and bring the price down their potential market would remain quite limited.

This search for improvement coincided with advancements in technology. The advances to come up with today’s modern monitored alarm systems were spread across many disciplines. Advancements in telecommunications, computing, lighting and video technology were all necessary to make today’s advanced, yet affordable, alarm systems viable.

Types of Monitored Alarm Systems from AIM

Many firms were involved in creating today’s sophisticated alarm systems. They took inspiration from each other and from what their customers were asking for and the advances have come thick and fast. However, running monitored systems for customers requires a significant level of investment for the security firm. Not all security firms have the turnover to be able to afford to run a fully staffed call centre. As a result, not all security firms offer fully monitored systems.

AIM is one of the few firms that do so. They offer the full range of monitored systems including plant or machine monitoring systems. However, their most popular systems are still their CCTV monitored systems. When the alarm sounds, the call centre can use CCTV to see exactly what has happened and immediately take the relevant action.


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