Protecting Your Grass Against Bad Weather

March 2012 – Whether you have a grass area that you use for a play area or you have a field you want to use as a car park it makes sense that you want to keep it in tip top condition where possible.  Grass is a fantastic surface for car parks and play areas as long as the weather is great, as soon as it starts raining it doesn’t take much for your lovely grassy area to turn into a swamp!

Of course this isn’t ideal because it means the grass gets ruined, people can’t walk safely over the area and you have no chance of getting cars started. However there is a solution as long as you are organised and have grass mesh fitted beforehand.

Grass Mat have a whole range of grass mesh and rubbing matting solutions available. These basically lay over your grass and help to make sure that whatever the weather, your grass is protected and the whole area is made accessible.

They pride themselves on offering the grass mesh solutions you need so whether you want something for a play park, a car park or something else they will have a product to suit you and your needs! So why not get in touch with them today?

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