UK based firm offers the most competitive van lease options

England – 19/1/2011UK based online company ‘The Van Warehouse’ specialises in providing businesses and individuals with the most attractive van lease deals.

There can be little doubt that commercial vehicles play a huge role in the UK’s economic livelihood. At a time when the news headlines are continuing to be dominated by job cuts, the Eurozone crisis and general economic doom and gloom, vans continue to trundle along the nation’s roads, transporting goods from one location to another for all manner of businesses, large and small. If there is an issue that many businesses and individuals have with commercial vehicles, however, it is acquiring one.

In short, many such businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of leasing their vans rather than buying them outright. These include the sheer flexibility that van lease offers to businesses, whilst it also makes economic sense given the ability to avoid the upfront cost of buying a van and the subsequent depreciation. It is to serve such firms that are interested in van lease that The Van Warehouse, with its online home at, specializes in the most attractive van lease deals.

A wide range of vans

The Van Warehouse offers plenty of choice when it comes to van lease deals, covering the main options of finance lease, contract hire and hire purchase. The company also offers a generous selection of different van sizes and manufacturers, covering small, medium and large sized vans – as well as pickup trucks, dropside/tipper trucks and Luton sized vans – from such manufacturers as Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Iveco, Peugeot and Renault.

A The Van Warehouse spokesperson commented: “If you require use of a van for business purposes, but are unable to afford the upfront cost or don’t like the inflexibility of buying, then you may want to check out our latest van lease deals. We offer great van lease deals for vans from all of the major manufacturers and of a wide range of sizes, do that you can be assured of the van that best meets your individual needs.”

With so many people continuing to surf online for great van lease deals, seems well placed for further success in the coming months and years – not least given the increasing popularity of all manner of van lease options.


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