Roll Top Baths

Welcome to Albion Bath Co! Specialist suppliers of freestanding roll top baths, identifiable through a bespoke design and manufacture process which- from initiation to completion – is entirely our own.

Established in 1993 and since then- through our dedication to scouring the market for revolutionary materials with which to culminate our one- off enamel product that we still to this day utilise when manufacturing our roll top baths and other bathroom furniture that includes the obligatory sink, taps and heating provision as well as our more thrilling side, corner and walk-in entry shower units- we are proud to have become your ultimate one- stop resource nucleus for free standing roll top baths that- for price, quality and aesthetic appeal will forever remain unrivalled.

No one knows roll top baths like us but bathers themselves are diverse and difficult to pigeon- hole. ‘Typists’ play it safe with a sailorman bottle of bubbles and a brew to see them through whilst ‘swirlists’ like to mix it up; partial to an extreme cleansing ritual reminiscent of the river rapids at Alton Towers where no holds barred and music, incense an even a willing participant come as part and parcel. Finally there are ‘pointillists’- those whose bathing is undertaken through necessity as opposed desire. However you prefer to bathe however, we have roll top baths to accommodate all your needs!

We don’t like to baffle with jargon here at the Albion Bath Co but we also like to give a bit of history about roll top baths before we initiate a sale…

Roll top baths hail from the Victorian era, and have gradually found themselves back in favour with some of the world’s most recognised interior designers and interior design- conscious homeowners alike who are looking for the ultimate unique ‘edge’ to the design of their bathroom suite. Roll top baths are deep, freestanding bathing tubs that have the ability to add a traditional ambience to any bathroom, whether modern or time- honoured and are usually substantial, weighty pieces of bathroom furniture , designed and built to ensure that their user has a thoroughly relaxing bathing experience without the need for either incense or background Whale mating calls.

We are a growing company that plays host to a team of experts who are passionate about the veritable gains of roll top baths as opposed to their substandard, high street alternative bathing units. In fact, our entire team of professional, friendly sales, design and manufacturing individuals commit their working lives to producing rolls top baths that are satisfying to any interior design followers and – through an attention-to-detail approach to customer services coupled with a genuine interest in bathroom furniture and ever- growing fascination for roll top baths – are fast becoming the UK leading suppliers of everything clean!

Roll top baths – customise them, modify them, adapt them – let Albion Bath Co. perfect them.


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