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PUT DOWN THE SQUEEGEE! Disarm yourself of the high street sponge, Fairy liquid suds and child’s sand castle bucket; forget the ever present issue of smudges and smears and; gain a massive profile of new window cleaning clients! Why? Because if you make a purchase from our huge range of window cleaning tools, you’ll never need them again! How? Because our window cleaning tools provide a clearly excellent finish- everytime and, seeing the plain and simple results, your customers would be hard pushed to find a better alternative!

As the UK’s most favourable suppliers of competitively priced window cleaning tools, HG Promotions have the industry prowess to deliver incredible, shine- worthy window cleaning tools for any commercial or domestic purpose. As any ardent window cleaner will testify, there is nothing worse than a tool kit filled with lacklustre window cleaning tools; window cleaning tools that do little more than simply ‘look’ the part and deliver little in the way of functionality. Here at HG Promotions, never judge a book by its cover because, what looks like a mundane spray bottle of cleaner actually contains something much superior- a product which can remove ANY amount of troublesome bird turd!

Each and every one of the window cleaning tools we are currently proud to offer exceed industry standards and, through a sheer determination to consistently hand pick the best products as they enter the window cleaning tools market, we remain at the forefront of our trade.

Everyone requires superb window cleaning tools. Whether you are sick to the back teeth of seeing the outdoor world through smears, smudges, stains and splodges or a workplace with high level windows that on a daily basis remain exposed to what occurs overhead, we have the window cleaning tools to offer a solution to your window washing needs. And, just to make things that much easier, as well as enhancing our already impressive services, we also offer an equally remarkable standard of customer service to boot!

Whether you have aspirations to be the next Mr Muscle and need window cleaning tools to start up your business or of a more Kim and Aggie inclination and want a higher class standard of window cleaning tools than those on the high street to use at home, come and have a look at what we have today at


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