Safe Sperm and Egg Donation Provided by Leading Website, Pride Angel

United Kingdom (24 December, 2010) – Pride Angel, a UK registration service connecting sperm and egg donors with recipients, have witnessed an increase in their website’s popularity due to the safe and valuable fertility donation services that they provide to their customers.

Pride Angel are dedicated in providing a safe and helpful service to single, gay and infertile couples that wish to find genuine egg or sperm donors. They are committed in providing their clients with reliable information regarding health screening and fertility law, and can offer further advice and support to anyone that would like to learn more about egg and sperm donation.

Recently, sperm brokers have suffered bad press due to one sperm broker that gave unlawful health screenings and that did not have a licence in procure gametes. However, Pride Angel provides a reliable service to sperm and egg donors and registered recipients. In accordance to the HFEA regulations, Pride Angel directs their clients to a licensed fertility clinic. This ensures that both the recipient and the donor are given a complete health screening and that the donor’s name is kept on file. They also ensure the safety of their recipients at all times, as they strongly advise against natural insemination between the donor and the recipient.

A spokesperson for Pride Angel commented: “Here at Pride Angel we are dedicated in connecting a recipient with a genuine sperm or egg donor. We understand how frustrating it can be for a single person, homosexual or infertile couple to become parents, and we are committed to making their dreams a reality. Any reputable company should direct their clients to a fertility clinic to ensure the safety of their customers. We at Pride Angel have vast experience in the appropriate medical procedures and are devoted to providing our customers with a safe and valuable service. We will support our clientele at every stage, from providing them with information regarding fertility law to the insemination of the sperm or egg donation.”

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About Pride Angel:
The UK limited company Pride Angel was founded in 2008 by professional scientists; they offer a personal experience with sperm and egg donation and raising children in a gay or lesbian relationship. They are dedicated in matching sperm and egg donors with recipients across the world, and can provide them with support and the correct information to make an informed choice.

Contact Pride Angel:

Erika Tranfield
Pride Angel
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