Sales of Grow Tents Take Off

England 11/04/2012 – Grow tents have gone from being something only a few people had heard of to being almost mainstream

Until fairly recently, grow tents were very much seen as an item only owned by either commercial growers or homeowners who wanted to grow their own cannabis. However, their image has undergone a radical change in the last year or so. People are buying them in large numbers to use in their homes. Whilst the main market is still commercial growers homeowners are beginning to understand that these tents can allow them to grow their own food and houseplants even if they do not have the space for a garden.

They have gone from being a specialist item to almost being mainstream. Recent news stories about city cafes growing their own produce using hydroponics is part of the reason these tents have come to the attention of city dwellers seeking their own piece of the good life. In addition, there are also being recent news stories of zoos and restaurants doing the same thing.

Amateur gardeners are also buying grow tents

More amateur gardeners are also waking up the benefits of growing plants using hydroponics. They realise that because they can precisely control the environment inside the grow tent they can grow many exotic plants, which, in the past, the UK climate did not allow them to grow. Many amateur gardeners are using them to bring on seedlings, which produce stronger plants for them to plant out in their gardens.

The best grow tents come with everything you need to grow plants included. They are fitted with fans and filters to allow you to control airflow. In addition, they are wired to allow you to include a grow light and to control the amount of light your plants get throughout the growing process.

Hydro Hobby sells a wide range of Grow tents. When they first got started, most of the people who were buying from them were commercial growers. However, in recent years their customer base has changed. They now have a mix of commercial growers, private individuals and restaurants on their books. They expect this trend to continue and, as a result, have expanded the range of grow tents that they stock.

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