Blusher is Back In Vogue

England 11/04/2012 – Over the years blusher has fallen in and out of fashion now it is undergoing something of a renaissance

Blusher is one of the oldest forms of makeup available. It was used by the ancient Egyptians, although they also applied it to their lips. Both men and women wore it. Early blusher was made out of natural products including mulberries. In early Asian cultures, it was applied to the cheeks to give a healthy glow and to help to keep women looking young.

In the west, the very rich used it briefly in the 1600s and did so in a almost clownish way. Unsurprisingly, it fell out of fashion quickly and did not really become popular again until the 1920s. Then it was film stars that made it popular. Then blusher was used far more subtly and was applied to highlight the cheekbones and to give a healthy glow. It was at this point that blusher became seen as a glamorous and sophisticated product. Once again, it quickly fell out of fashion. By the 50s it was only really seen on women of a certain age.

It was not until the 1980s that blusher once again underwent another renaissance. Unfortunately, it was not used subtly, so people who wore it often looked over made up and once again, it quickly fell out of fashion. However, despite this makeup companies persisted and developed new forms of blusher.

Modern blusher

Modern blushers come in a wide range of tones. They are designed to be worn by women with all kinds of skin tone. They are still mainly in powder form, but a few manufacturers also make creams that are designed to provide a healthy glow. Over the years, brushes have taken over as the main type of applicator, however puffs made from modern materials have recently enjoyed popularity.

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