England – 07/10/2011Sales of NCR sets show stronger growth than expected.

As you would expect, during a recession companies cut back on things like printing and stationary in an effort to keep their day to day overheads under control. However, one printed item most companies have been unable to cut back on is NCR sets (no carbon required sets). This is because they use NCR sets on a daily basis to take orders, produce worksheets or to invoice their customers. They are a stationary item that most firms simply cannot function without.

Alternatives To NCR Sets Cost Money

Prior to the onset of the recession sales of NCR sets were beginning to tail off as more and more firms moved to taking orders electronically and sending their customers invoices the same way. Many firms would still like to do this, but because of the recession simply cannot afford the cost of migrating from a paper based system using NCR sets to an electronic system. This has meant that sales of NCR sets have remained relatively stable despite the recession.

However, that is not to say that there have not been changes in the market. Firms still need to cut their costs and keep their stationary overheads under control. This has lead to a lot of firms reviewing their NCR sets and changing their format to save money. For example moving from a 5 leaf form to a 3 leaf one instead or dropping coloured leafs for all white leafs. They have even reviewed the content of each form and honed them down so that smaller paper can be used, again in an effort to cut costs.

Luckily, for the print industry this move to cut stationary costs has not been all bad because firms have been ordering in bulk. PrintEasy.biz has experienced fuller order books as a result. They are also finding new markets for their NCR sets as firms use them to produce duplicate documents as well as for invoices, workbooks and more traditional forms. As with usual the recession presents both challenges and opportunities for industry.



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