The World of Engineering Software Continues to Innovate

England 21/07/2012- Without engineering software many of today’s structures would be too expensive or complicated to build and the importance of the industry continues to grow

The world of software development is a diverse one. There is software out there designed to help all industry sectors to do their job better and more efficiently. However, despite an increasing demand for software of all types software development firms have come and gone but with a few exceptions. However, some firms have been around for 25+ years.

One such example is Oasys Software. They are an interesting company that offers an eclectic mix of products. If you want email and document management software, they would not be the first people you would think of yet they sell two packages that do exactly that. However, if you wanted engineering software they would definitely be high on your list. They sell an impressive list of 17 engineering related products.

Each software package is designed to analyse a specific engineering challenge. However, most of them produce multiple layers of information. Using these tools saves structural and geotechnical engineers across the globe a great deal of time and money. Their software will do everything from calculating the load bearing capacity of columns to working out the effect an earthquake will have on a building or installation.

Their software is used in 200 countries. The top 25 UK building designers all use their products when designing new buildings. Over the years their software has been used in the design of many unique and iconic buildings. The software they produce enables designers to come up with world firsts in terms of building design. It is possible for the designers and engineers to reliably predict the way materials will perform when put together in these new and radical ways.

Why They Are So Successful?

Without a doubt, the main reason this software firm has been so successful has been that they are part of the Arup group. The group was formed in 1949, to bring together professionals from diverse disciplines to produce products and buildings of greater quality and to do what had not previously been possible. In order to achieve this the Arup team needed access to the best tools available and the Oasys software division was formed in 1976 to develop the software tools that were needed and, at the time, were not available.

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