England – 09/10/2011– Why is zorgverzekering vergelijken such a popular search term?

When you think of top search terms you probably would not expect the search term zorgverzekering vergelijken to figure highly in the list. However, if you are in Holland you would not really be surprised because when you need health insurance that is the search term you would use.

On top of that a Dutch person would know that everybody in the country would need to use this search term because of the way the Dutch healthcare system works.

A brief explanation of the Dutch healthcare system

In 2006, in an effort to save money and to equalise the inequalities that existed in their healthcare system the Dutch government drastically changed their healthcare system. They moved to a system where they paid for every citizen’s long term healthcare needs regardless of how rich they were or how much they earn. By long term they mean things like terminal illness, care for the elderly and equipment, like wheelchairs, for the disabled.

However, for short term health care needs, such as visits to the doctor, short term hospital stays, the cost of ambulances, pre natal care and paramedical care the citizen has to pay. To ensure that every person in the country is able to do this they are required by law to take out basic private health insurance. There is no choice in this matter failure to buy a policy results in a fine.

On the other hand private health insurance companies have to cover all conditions no matter how serious they are and whether they are pre-existing or not. They cannot turn down any citizen when they apply for basic health insurance.

The idea is to let market forces keep the cost of healthcare as low as possible in Holland. It was understood that initially citizens would have to pay more for healthcare because they would have to continue to pay tax and pay for private health insurance as well. Keen to keep those costs as low as possible many citizens visit websites like Prijsvergelijiken for advice on carrying out a successful zorgverzekering vergelijken search.


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