Sales of Womens Bangle Watches Are Increasing

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England 21/10/2012 – It is looking like womens bangle watches will be one of the most popular Xmas gifts in 2012


Quite often as Xmas comes around, people buying gifts for women are often faced with a dilemma about what to buy. Jewellery has always been a firm favourite and this Xmas seems no different. Diamonds maybe a girls best friend, but they could soon be making way for womens bangle watches. These stylish watches make a fabulous gift as this Xmas is set to prove.

Many of top end jewellers report that sales of women’s bangle watches have steadily increased during 2012. Usually where the top end jewellers lead everybody else follows. Therefore, the industry is anticipating that sales of feminine bangle bracelet watches will be strong in the lead up to Christmas 2012.

There are several reasons for this turnaround in tastes. Overall, women’s fashions have returned to the more feminine flowing styles of the 1970s 80s and 90s. This has led women to accentuate their outfits using more feminine jewellery. Bangle bracelet watches fit the bill perfectly. They look very much like a bracelet with the watch face set in the centre, therefore, double up as a practical watch and a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Traditional jewellers have always sold these watches but in limited numbers. However, a few jewellers have always believed in the style of watch and have resisted the temptation to narrow their range of bracelet watches. It is these jewellers who are perfectly placed to take advantage of the renewed interest in this style of watch.

Women bangle watches by Michel Herbelin

Michel Herbelin made women’s bangle watches right from the beginning. They have always offered a good range of top-quality women’s watches. Their designers have always been careful to ensure that their watches look stylish and fashionable. Today, they offer 40 different kinds of bracelet watches in a variety of styles and finishes. Their range is varied enough to suit the tastes and needs of all women regardless of age.


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