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England 10/10/2012 – sales recruitment process differs from that on offer elsewhere in some important ways

The sales recruitment service is one that is growing in popularity. Despite that fact that unemployment is so high in the UK, many firms still find it difficult to fill their positions. When they advertise a job there is no shortage of candidates, in fact they are inundated with applications. However, the problem is that the vast majority of those applicants are not qualified for the posts they are applying for.

In amongst the hundreds of applicant CVs there are, of course, plenty that meet the criteria, but finding them is difficult and time-consuming. Firms really need to a quick and easy way to hone the people who apply down to a group that matches their actual criteria.


For many firms the answer is to use a specialist recruitment agency. However, even then finding the right applicants quickly can be difficult. Unfortunately, some so-called specialist agencies are nothing of the sort. They allow candidates from too wide a range to register and add their details to their database. This can leave a firm looking for a candidate with a specific kind of experience scanning through hundreds of people who are not suitable.

When Sales Target set up their business several years ago, they put in place a strict sign up process. They did so to ensure that their candidate database did not fill up with people who were not qualified. The firm specialises in recruiting sales personnel and they only allow people with relevant qualifications and experience onto their database. Rather than operate as a general recruitment agency the firm only supplies sales personnel. This focus is what ensures the service they provide really works. sales recruitment by industry sector

Importantly, they also recruit by sector. The founders of Sales Target knew, from their own experience, that every industry sector requires a different skill set when it comes to sales. Key to success is that sales personnel understand the nature of the people they are selling to and what makes them tick. This varies, depending on the industry, someone selling cars will need a different skill set and knowledgebase to someone who is selling medical supplies.


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