London, United Kingdom (27 August 2010) –, a leading SEO services company in the United Kingdom, believe that well-optimised videos on a website will become commonplace as part of future SEO campaigns, and will soon become a cornerstone for companies trying to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Google integrated video results into its universal search back in 2007 and companies are slowly starting to explore the benefits of optimising their media content to make their videos appear at the top of specific search queries. It is estimated that forty per cent of people currently searching on Google will see videos amalgamated into their search results.

Statistics also show that sixty-eight per cent of the top fifty online retailers in 2009 utilised video content – a jump of eighteen per cent from the previous year. predict that this trend will only increase, and that brands can incorporate videos across all areas of their site to complement their content, products and services. believe that appropriately optimised video content can be a real boon for any website’s users as well as helping with search rankings.

“As search engine technology improves and videos appear more under listings whenever a search term is entered, more and more websites are recognising the positive effects having a video or multiple videos on their website can bring. It’ll be sooner rather than later that online videos become a bigger part of search engine optimisation,” commented a spokesperson for “Though more videos are appearing in search results all of the time, businesses still need to properly optimise their videos to see any kind of serious traffic increase because various factors determine how videos are ranked by search engines. By properly optimising your videos, incorporating video sitemaps, video mark-ups, syndication, appropriate tagging and more, the company in question will have a greater chance of their videos appearing towards the top of search results, and an even better chance of it going viral.”

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