Demand for Web Design Manchester Grows Again

England 18/04/2012 – Web design in Manchester is still very much in demand despite the recession

The web design Manchester industry is a growing one. Every year more and more young designers decide to work out of the city of Manchester. They find that the city’s firms fully understand the need to market themselves effectively online. Therefore, they are prepared to spend money on developing their websites. The net result of this is more work for the city’s web designers.

Despite the fact that many of the city’s digital media firms are in direct competition with each other, the industry in the city is a friendly one. Members of the industry regularly attend conferences held in the city related to their industry. As a result, ideas and approaches are constantly changing and evolving as the community bounces off each other. Add to this the fact that young designers are constantly joining the community and you begin to understand why the websites designed in Manchester have such a special feel to them.

Web design Manchester firms go the extra mile

Web designers that work out of Manchester serve a more sophisticated customer base than in many other less competitive parts of the UK. Companies operating in Manchester are very aware that they are in direct competition with many other firms who are quite literally on their doorstep. This makes them far more perceptive about marketing, including online marketing. They know all about the need to optimise their websites for the search engines and to put together pay per click campaigns to ensure that they quickly rank for important search terms. As a result, they expect their web designers to offer SEO and PPC services in addition to simple web design services.

Fluid Digital realised this some years ago and branched out into other aspects of online marketing. They now provide a full SEO and PPC service as well as other digital marketing services. The team is set up to be able to add e-commerce facilities to their client’s websites and other facilities. Their aim is to provide a one-stop shop for all of their clients digital and online needs.


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