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Cheshire, United Kingdom (12 August 2010) –, a leading search engine optimization services company, comments on the news that Google has recently had a patent approved which may help further combat spam websites and irrelevant results showing up in their search listings.

The patent, titled ‘Method and apparatus for classifying documents based on user inputs’ was first filed in 2006 and has finally been granted approval in August 2010. Google had noticed that a large number of the results which appeared whenever a search query was entered were largely spammed sites offering little of worth to users, and only exist to redirect traffic to irrelevant or even potentially damaging pages. They have since been developing better spam technology to filter out such results through an automated process that identifies previous user behavior when clicking on these results and their patterns and uses this as part of their ranking criteria to determine how useful and valuable it has been to visitors in the past.

The system identifies user behavior such as click-through rates (CTR), click durations, and other un-named user behavioral patterns to ascertain how long a user spends on a page and where they navigate to from there, amongst other things. feel this has probably been part of Google’s ranking algorithm for some time now, with the approval of the patent allowing them exclusive use of their process. cite that cutting down on spammy and irrelevant results can only benefit the search experience for the end user, also helping to cut out those using black hat SEO techniques to try and reach the top of the SERPs.

“This can only be good news for internet users everywhere as well as for ethical search engine optimization. Nothing is more annoying than searchers clicking a result only to be redirected to a useless or irrelevant website, or in some cases a malicious one that can damage their computer. Google is really cracking down on spammers, and although we’re sure they have been using it for some time already and we won’t see any marked difference now as a result, it shows their intent to strive for better and more useful results all of the time.” comments a spokesperson for “We will be interested to see if other major search engines react to this in any way and develop their own similar systems. As with well-implemented and ethical SEO, the real winner is the user, who is able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, with the best websites rising to the top of the rankings. ”

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