Cheshire, United Kingdom (25 June 2010) –, a leading SEO services company, are sharing their tips on how to properly optimize videos posted on YouTube so that they can add benefit to a search engine optimization campaign.

themselves have a video blog and featured videos hosted on YouTube, which offers the latest hints and tips on how to improve a web marketing campaign and search engine rankings. They feel that YouTube is an excellent communication tool for businesses looking to promote their products and services, helping to build brand image and enhance reputation as well as connecting with viewers in a new way.

One of the ideas for how a company can maximize the appeal of its YouTube presence is by always enabling the embed option on its videos. A video has a better chance of going viral and spreading the message to a wider audience if the option to embed it onto other websites, such as blogs and forums, is present. believe that a website’s relevant SEO keywords should be included in the video description and tags so they can appear in search results. They also stress the importance of having a powerful and relevant title for their videos – a keyword inserted into the title tag will also give it greater scope for SEO success.

“It’s important to mention that if a company is making regular videos for its website, they need to make sure the media is clearly visible to its user base. There’s no point in posting videos onto your website if they are hard to find and don’t hold your customers’ interest,” comments a spokesperson. “Post your latest video onto your homepage as well as let your YouTube subscribers know every time a new one is published. Vira is the keyword here, if your videos have something to say and are always interesting then you will build a core following over time, enhanced by them appearing in searches for keywords and your company name. If you have the embed option active, they can also share your video across the wider internet, increasing your exposure further.”

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