Serviced Offices in the West End Offer the Ideal Base


England 8/11/2012 – Many start-up businesses are choosing serviced offices in the West End

Most start-up businesses do not have much capital so choose to rent their offices on short-term leases. Quite a few start out using virtual offices and move up to serviced offices. West End offices may not be the first area most firms look, at because the area is perceived as expensive. However, a surprising number of forward-thinking entrepreneurs are looking beyond the cost. They are the businessmen and women who believe a West End address is an asset to their business and something worth paying a little extra for.

These entrepreneurs believe that a West End address inspires confidence, and they are right to believe this. Most people automatically assume that a firm based in such an expensive place must be doing well. To many potential customers, this automatically means that the company is a well-established firm.

Many potential customers also see a central London address as an indicator that a firm offers a good service to their customers. The rationale is that if they did not offer a good service they could not have enough customers to be able to maintain offices in the West End. It seems that a West End office address really does inspire confidence in potential customers. There is definitely a cache that comes with this kind of address.

However, the location itself is what has the biggest benefit for firms. Locating a business in one of the busiest commercial areas in the world means that a firm is working right next door to hundreds of potential customers. Being so close definitely helps new firms to get established and build their reputation quickly.

Serviced offices in the West End are not necessarily expensive

Firms like Target Space work hard to make sure that their serviced offices in the West End are affordable, even for small businesses. They do this by offering offices in numerous locations, each with a different package of services. This means that many start-up firms can still afford to locate themselves within the West End all be it in small premises. Once their business takes off, all they need to do is to rent more space in the same building or one nearby.


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