Step Up Your Skin Care Regime with Anthony Logistics from The Modern Man

20/03/2012 – Anthony Logistics offer the perfect skin care solution for men. There products can be purchased online from The Modern man.

Men who care about looking good and staying younger for longer could certainly benefit from the use of skin care products. However, simply using their wife’s skin care products may not do. Anthony Logistics skin care products have been specially formulated with the male skin composition in mind, so they will do a great job of improving the complexion of men, whilst helping to keep those tell-tale signs of ageing at bay.

The Modern man stocks an extensive range of Anthony Logistics products on their website, which can be used to correct a range of skin problems from acne breakouts to oily or dry skin. No matter what your skin complaint may be. Even if you have no skin complaint at all, Anthony Logistics skin care products really could help to improve the appearance of your skin and help you to look younger for longer.

One of the biggest problems men often face when looking for skin care products is the fact that they cannot find products which do not smell feminine. Anthony Logistics skin care products are not at all feminine – they are fresh, clean and masculine without being too overpowering. Citrus and eucalyptus are widely used in their products, so you will not be walking around smelling overly floral and feminine after using them.

The Anthony Logistics skin products available from The Modern Man include pre-shave solution, pore-cleansing clay, razor burn oil and lip balm, so there really is a comprehensive range of products available which will offer solutions for all of your skin care problems.

About The Modern Man:

The Modern man is an online UK supplier of male grooming products, including Anthony Logistics and FHI straighteners. The company were founded in 2009 and currently have over 1,000 products in stock for the modern man. They believe in offering only the best in male grooming to their customers.


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