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Agrell Carving can provide you with a range of stunning hand carved decorative features for your home.  This includes beautiful wood rosettes that can form the centre focal piece in ceilings.

You can enhance your interior design and create special and unique rooms with the hand carving skills available from Agrell Carving.

Wood Rosettes

Hand carved wood rosettes has been popular for centuries.  Traditionally these rosettes were used to decorate vaulting and ceiling spaces in various period buildings.  This included grand houses, cathedrals, churches and temples.  Wood rosettes have also been used to decorate gates, doorways and furniture.

  • The term wood rosette basically describes a design that is circular in shape and radiates out from its central point.This resembles a rose in full bloom.
  • The individual design of rosettes varies and will depend on a number of stylistic influences including Early Gothic, Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, Rococo, Naturalistic, Art Nouvea, Modernist and more.
  • The common factor in the majority of wood rosettesis that the design will start from the centre and spiral out in a radial design to a bordering circle outline.
  • Wood rosettes can are designed in both flat and relief forms and this creates a highly decorative feature for wood.
  • These stunning features can enhance interior design schemes and create very special and unique environments for your home.

Agrell Carving can create stunning wood rosettes in any design or style you require.  This will enable you to incorporate these lovely decorative features easily into your own interior schemes.

Agrell Carving

Agrell Carving offers a renowned team of craftsman dedicated to the time honoured skill of wood carving.  Our team includes master craftsmen, designers and supporting staff all of whom work closely together to design, organise and carry out a wide range of projects.

At Agrell Carving we work on both small bespoke projects for individual clients and also large projects involving complex restoration work.  With over 33 years’ experience we have established a strong reputation for quality and commitment in the industry and have worked throughout Europe, Asia and the United States on a wide range of projects.

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If you are interested in adding beautiful decorativewood rosettes to your interiors then contact Agrell Carving now.  We can offer you a quality service for all of your decorative wood carving needs.


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