Stock Photos Are Helping Struggling Companies to Re-Brand

England – 27/01/2012Refreshing your brand can really help to make your company more visible and stock photos make re-branding far easier

Every year thousands of businesses are formed in the UK. The wise ones set a strong brand up from the start and spend a bit of money on marketing. The really wise ones use stock photos to help them to do this.

In the current economic climate, many businesses are struggling to stay afloat. They are losing market share and only just making enough to cover their overheads. In these circumstances, the idea of re-branding to try to attract new customers is the last thing many business owners think of. In the minds of most businessmen and women, branding is expensive. Since the last thing they want to do when they are struggling is to spend large sums of money they dismiss the idea out of hand. However, some can see that re-branding can be done cheaply and are using stock photos to help them to do so.

The Economics of Stock Photos

Not so long ago if you wanted a photo to use for your business you had little choice but to pay a photographer to take it for you. Because of the time involved, this worked out very expensive. You could buy stock photos off some photographers, but there were often a lot of strings attached. You normally had to buy the photo then pay royalties on top every time you used that image. The whole process of getting hold of the images you needed was messy and time consuming.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case, now you simply go online and buy them from internet based photo directories. The best ones with the widest selection of images are the well-established ones like Dreams Time who have over 12.5 million images in their database. The fact that their images are either free or cost only pennies makes re-branding using stock photos viable for any business. In addition, their images are royalty free meaning that you buy them once and never have to pay anything more in royalties.



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