Survey Shows NW In-House Lawyers Are on Average Best Remunerated in Regions

Manchester headquartered BCL Legal the legal recruitment consultancy which also has offices in Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Reading – has this week launched its annual salary survey of in-house lawyers working across the regions. The survey analysed salaries, bonuses and general benefits. One of the key findings was that average packages in the North West were higher than those in the Midlands & the Yorkshire/ North East areas.

The average salaries for in-house lawyers with one to five years PQE in the North West were between £42,000 and £60,000 whilst in the Midlands they were £42,000 to £56,000 and in the Yorkshire/ the North East region they stood at between £36,000 and £58,000.

However, in-house professionals in the Midlands with between six and ten years PQE enjoyed an average of between £58,000 and £92,000 per annum. The North West was the second highest paid region in that bracket with an average of between £63,000 and £88,000 with Yorkshire/ North East coming in third with figures of £60,000 to £88,000.

During the same survey, 83% of in-house lawyers in the North West stated that they received a bonus in 2011 with the average being £15,000 (an increase of £2,000 from 2010). Whilst in the Midlands the figures were 74% and £18,000 and in the Yorkshire/ North East they were 75% and £15,000.

Other findings include comparisons on car allowances, pension contributions, holidays and private medical insurance. The complete surveys for each region can be viewed at

Mark Levine, director of BCL Legal and head of its in-house department, said; “The survey has become a vital tool to analyse how in-house legal professionals are being remunerated. The findings are once again interesting and prove the regions vary. We know the market is still tough but it’s positive to see an upward trend on certain numbers.”

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