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Surveyor Local

England 2/11/2012 – Surveyor Local looks to improve home buyer understanding of home buying pitfalls

Surveyor Local, a national group of local residential property surveyors, recently unveiled their new website and with it a whole new approach that it hopes will foster a greater understanding of what surveyors actually do.

Typically companies would employ copywriters to author marketing copy for a new site. However Surveyor Local felt that this approach would do little more than produce another electronic brochure.

Instead, the Surveyor Local site is based around a blog that gives each of its 100-plus surveyors a platform to connect with and improve home buyer awareness about some of the potential horrors that await the unwary.

Surveyor Local, who have locally based surveyors in every county in the UK, have always maintained that local knowledge and awareness can be the difference between a detailed and contextually relevant home buyers survey and a generic document of little value.

The site provides its surveyors with the ability to upload micro reports and detailed photographs of the issues and defects they encounter when carrying out Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys.

Naturally, any information or photographs published are anonymized with all client names and addresses removed.

The surveyors are encouraged to highlight problems of major concern or potential expense to buyers as well as provide area background information to add perspective. For example cracks on a building could mean subsidence but in North London, where the soil is predominantly clay, most properties exhibit a few cracks.

It is estimated that fewer than 10% of home buyers commission a survey when buying a house in the UK. The primary reason for this surprising statistic is likely to be the perceived additional cost to the already expensive home-buying process.

However Surveyor Local argues that the profession has done little to promote the fact that a survey can save money by identifying defects that can form the basis of renegotiation.

The chances of specific defects being reported in a balanced light are enhanced when a surveyor has local knowledge and awareness.

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