Switzerland’s CabriOcar – A world premiere

Unique in the world, unique in Switzerland – the first CabriO cable is now operational! This is no doubt a world premiere as this double deck cable car with its open top will be operating on the 1,900 metre Stanserhorn mountain, not far away from Lucerne in Switzerland. Tourists and passengers will be able to enjoy the fresh alpine air and the spectacular views as they move upwards.

The Cabrio as said earlier is made up of two cabins – one beneath, and the other above. To move to the open deck and enjoy the pure mountain atmosphere, passengers need to climb just a few steps. The lower deck has a capacity for 60 passengers, and 30 of them can move to the upper deck at a time. This means that the Cabrio has a total capacity of 60 persons, with an upper deck capable of handling 30.

The Cabrio cable car will offer an unforgettable alpine experience by using state of the art technology with the maximum safety. The cutting edge Cabrio cable car confirms Switzerland’s international acclaim as the mecca of mountain railways in Europe. Passengers will discover the Stanserhorn which offers an abundance of unspoilt natural beauty with its wealth of flora and fauna and many scenic splendours.

Some interesting facts about the Cabrio cable car are that it can handle 465 passengers per hours, the summit station is located at a height of 1,850 metres over a total distance of 2,320 metres.

Eurail pass holders and Swiss pass holders will have a very good reason not to miss this technological marvel. Indeed pass holders will get a 50% discount from the normal price. Moreover, the Stanserhorn is just 20 min away by train from Lucerne. In fact the train departs from Lucerne to reach the town of Stans, and 5 min walk away passengers can take the funicular to reach the Stanserhorn.

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