Tailor-made walking and cycling package holidays available through versatile travelling company


England – 12/2/2013 – Short and long journeys can be booked to cater to a wide series of needs and requirements

The walking holiday company Mickledore Travel is offering travelers the opportunity to experience one of the UK’s most historical sites, and Mickledore walking holidays come with flexible arrangements that can be tailored towards any range of individual needs and requirements. One of the most popular trips that Mickledore is currently offering involves Hadrian’s Wall. Hadrian’s Wall was constructed by the Romans between AD120 and AD128 to form a barrier between England, which they controlled at the time, and Scotland, which they did not. Some of the most breathtaking sights that the UK has to offer can be experienced during a trip along Hadrian’s Wall.

When customers book a trip through Mickledore Travel, travelers can expect to be met with expert advice that will allow them to make the most of their journey and to be matched up with high-quality, affordable, and hospitable accommodation. Customers are free to choose from an array of packages, and whether they wish to travel the wall’s path in its entirety or simply view ‘highlights’, there are tailor-made packages available. As some travelers may only have time to make a short journey, the highly-experienced staff at Mickledore have put together packages of various lengths to suit various needs.

Various cycling and walking packages available for avid travelers

However, it’s not just Hadrian’s Wall that the company is concerned with and packages covering various areas of the UK have been put together, with trips across Northern and Southern England, Wales, and Scotland on offer. Anyone who is interested in embarking upon a self-guided trip through Mickledore Travel is urged to visit their website at www.mickledore.co.uk and contact the company via e-mail or phone with any queries that they may have.

The company has built up strong links with various accommodation providers to ensure that customers enjoy excellent catering and sleeping facilities as they embark on their trips. Customers will also find a series of travel tips on the website that should allow them to complete their journeys prosperously and comfortably. Walkers and cyclists are catered for by Mickledore walking holidays within all of the company’s packages, allowing travelers to experience some of the finest and most beautiful landscapes that the UK has to offer, with a wide range of budgetary requirements being catered for by Mickeldore Travel.


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