Plymouth, United Kingdom (14 January, 2011) – teleBIZZ, a leading provider of telemarketing services, have found that more companies are now taking on the services of professional telemarketers in order to build relationships with their customers.

Gillie Scherr, Managing Director of teleBIZZ, recently decided to start networking in order to generate more local business; based on her assumption that direct mail would be the area she should focus on primarily. However, during her meetings, she found that direct mail in fact was not the main area of concern of those she was pitching to.

She comments: “When I stood up to do my two or three minute ‘elevator pitch’, I focused on what I thought would be most relevant in terms of people doing business locally. With high freight costs, many companies place their print and mailing business reasonably locally. In my final line I would mention almost as an aside that we also offer Virtual Receptionist services and outbound calling. On average I have received at least four new business enquiries for outbound calling after each networking meeting and for most part it was ‘fear of doing it themselves’ as being the key driver”.

Alison Bartlett, the new teleBIZZ marketing manager, was not surprised by these revelations. She commented: “People know that that the personal touch is so important and whatever the size of the business, people still deal with other people first and foremost.

“Building relationships over the phone is a missing link for so many companies, either because many untrained people do not have the confidence to do their own ‘telemarketing’ or they just don’t have the time to ensure that it is part of their regular planned marketing. Quite simply, it works! If you ask most businesses where some of their best business comes from, it very often started with a conversation. Most companies know they should be doing more outbound calling but unless they outsource the job, it rarely gets done in a structured way.”

Gillie Scherr’s success at the networking meetings means that she is now gaining plenty of new business for teleBIZZ’s telemarketing services. She hopes that teleBIZZ can continue to expand and grow into the go-to virtual receptionist supplier of the UK.

For more information of teleBIZZ and their virtual receptionist service, visit their website or telephone 0870 746 7866.

About teleBIZZ:

Started from scratch 18 years ago by husband-and-wife team Nick Lunn and Gillie Scherr, teleBIZZ has since grown into an award-winning call centre service based in the South West of England. Their portfolio is very large, which the team credits to keeping personal-yet-effective communication with their clients. teleBIZZ can offer virtual office services alongside call handling solutions, brochure distribution and more.

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