Bruynzeel Products Save Space and Money

Swindon, United Kingdom (29th February, 2012) – Bruynzeel, a leading manufacturer of storage solutions for organisations in various sectors and industries, offer a wide range of innovative mobile cabinets and shelving solutions.

Bruynzeel specialises in retailing mobile cabinets and cabinet systems, mobile shelving and shelving systems, library shelving solutions, and museum storage solutions to clients. These innovative storage solutions are based primarily on saving space, and are designed to offer an innovative and overall more affordable and convenient alternative to traditional methods of office storage.

Bruynzeel’s most prominent ranges are Compactus and Sysco. The Compactus range consists of mobile cabinets and mobile shelving solutions, which are proven to allow offices to increase the space available by as much as 50%. When 40 Compactus cabinets are compared to their traditional counterparts, a space saving of 32.7m2 is generated when handling, movement and cabinet space is considered.

With this extra space, organisations are free to add more workstations, meeting rooms, lounge areas, or virtually anything else they see fit. This is part of Brunyzeel’s efforts to provide comprehensive storage solutions that not only ensure documentation is adequately stored, but that clients can gain considerably more convenience and space on a day-to-day basis.

The Sysco collection contains cabinet systems, shelving systems, and bespoke library shelving solutions. These ergonomically designed products are designed to provide efficiency and security in equal measures and are available in multiple depths and heights, ensuring that Bruynzeel’s clients’ requirements are fully adhered to.

A spokesperson for Bruynzeel commented: “Considerable cost and space savings can be gained from installing our products in your organisation, as they eliminate the need for such an expansive office space. This could mean that your office rent is lower, or that you only need to operate your business on one floor rather than two.

“With a significant ROI and a significantly higher level of flexibility provided when compared to the traditional options available, our product ranges are amongst the most innovative and comprehensive on the market today.”

For more information on Brunyzeel’s storage solutions, please visit their website at or call 0800 220 989.

About Bruynzeel:

Bruynzeel is a member of the Constructor Group UK Limited, and specialising in developing storage solutions for offices, archives, libraries and repositories at government institutions, museums, universities, libraries, financial organisations and healthcare organisations. Bruynzeel provides with Sysco shelving and cabinets and Compactus mobile shelving and mobile cabinets flexible and space saving filing and storage solutions: from simple to highly complex, for multinationals as well as local businesses.


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