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England 31/10/2012 – Which the best dive sites in the world are located is hotly debated among divers

Drawing up a list of the best dive sites in the world is not a simple task. In the first place, there are just so many sites to choose from. There are as many opinions, as there are divers. However, it has been done, many times, and some dive sites seem to feature on practically every list.

Three sites that are almost always up there are Barracuda Point, Richelieu Rock and of course, there is a shipwreck on the list, the SS Yongala. After all, what is the point of diving if you cannot visit the odd shipwreck? The interesting thing about these dive sites is how different they are. They all have something different to offer, yet a huge percentage of divers put these three sites in their personal favorites list.

Barracuda Point is located in the Sipadan Islands, in Malaysia is usually top of the list. The island itself is not very big. However, the seas around the island are teaming with life. It is estimated that 3,000 species of fish live there. The island itself is made up completely of coral, of which there are several hundred varieties.

Richelieu Rock is also home to hundreds of different species. However, there is one reason most people go there and that is to see the Whale Sharks that live there. They filter feed, so the area is teaming with fish, and an amazing array of tiny plankton.

Why every diver loves a shipwreck

Speak to any diver about their favorite dives and a wreck dive will feature somewhere in the conversation. The team at Drift Blue, who maintain a huge, searchable, database of dive sites, have no problem gathering information about shipwreck sites. They have offered something for everyone, a shipwreck is unlike anything you have ever seen. The way the sea and its creatures claim the ship as their own means that the site is continuously evolving and there is always something new to see. The wreck of the SS Yongala is exceptional in that it is home to some relatively rare creatures including barracudas, Giant Trevallies Turtles, and sea snakes. Diving the site is a delight for nature lovers as well as wreck lovers.


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