JH Collection Tablecloths by Nydel Available from Clemmente

London, United Kingdom (6th November 2012) – Clemente, a leading provider of vintage home accessories, announce the arrival of their JS collection tablecloths by Nadel.

Available just in time for the Christmas season, the JH collection of tablecloths from Nadel is sure to create an impressive dinner table that will enhance any dining experience. Each tablecloth has been inspired by the tradition of silk weaving, and taffeta, and forms a subtle blend of elegance and originality.

The new range can take away the stress of spilled drinks and food stains, as the tablecloths can make entertaining incredibly easy with their innovative treatments. Therefore, a host can focus on creating delicious dishes for their guests and sharing unforgettable moments that they’ll remember for many years to come.

A spokesperson for Clemente commented: “People across the country will undoubtedly be hoping to create the perfect Christmas dinner table for their guests, which is why we strongly recommend they come to us here at Clemente. We are currently the only provider of JH tablecloths by Nadel, and are confident they’ll prove to be an incredibly popular range during and after the festive holiday.”

For more information on Clemente and the JH collection tablecloths by Nadel, visit their website http://www.clemmente.co.uk/

About Clemente:

A leading provider of vintage and retro home accessories, Clemente can provide their customers with unique products that are perfect for any home, including children’s toys, keepsakes, ornaments, and more.


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