The Difference a Creative Design AgencyCan Make

England 23/2/2013 – In today’s highly competitive marketplace the services creative design agencies deliver make you stand out from the crowd

Until fairly recently the services of a creative design agency were something only larger, more established companies used. That trend has now changed with companies of all sizes turning to creative design agencies to help them to compete with competitors and ultimately grow their businesses.

In today’s market, effective marketing is essential, even for small companies with consumers easily finding several companies to buy products or services. With the increase in Internet usage, most products, and services they can now be bought from multiple companies rather than a selection of local companies.

On top of that, wherever consumers go they are likely to be confronted with some form of advertising. This could be through a small display advert during a commute to work on public transport, large-scale advertising billboards on buildings, or full-page adverts in newspapers or magazines.

Unsurprisingly a percentage of advertising remains passive to consumers due to the fact there is now so much advertising. Eye tracking research shows that most people only look in detail at an advert for a maximum of five to six seconds. It doesn’t matter what format the advertising is in, a consumer’s active attention span is extremely short. This means a strong, lasting first impression has to be made immediately. A good creative design agency will ensure your brand’s message is strong enough to be memorable after just a few seconds of exposure.

Successful start-ups now use creative design agency services

Getting noticed and being remembered is particularly difficult for start-ups. They are often up competing with withestablished companies offering similar products and services. Without professional advice from an experienced creative design agency like Monitor, start-ups can simply go unnoticed. However, those launching with eye-catching branding, a well-designed website with tailored marketing and advertising campaigns can still compete with their larger competitors.



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