Cavity Wall Insulation from YBSInsulation Comes in Many Forms

England 16/07/2012- Interest in buying cavity wall insulation from YBSInsulation has been steadily on the increase for several years now

Increasingly, homeowners are becoming interested in cavity wall insulation from YBSInsulation. This is strange given that the vast majority of cavity wall insulation cannot easily be retrofitted to a home. However, increasingly people in the UK are deciding to extend their home or have a loft conversion built rather than bear the cost of moving home. When they carry out this kind of home improvement, they take the opportunity to install the best possible insulation. They do so because they are now very well educated about how important insulation is in a home.

For years, they have been reading media reports about the government’s efforts to meet their CO2 reduction targets. The elderly and poorer members of society have been encouraged to insulate their lofts, and in some cases, have received help to do so.

In addition, many people are fans of DIY shows and build your dream home shows, all of which emphasise the importance of good insulation.

Finally, yet importantly, the fact that the cost of heating a home has risen steeply in the UK in the past few years has made homeowners appreciate just how important insulation really is. Therefore, when they build an extension, partition off a room or have their loft converted they make sure that good quality insulation is included. This includes proper cavity wall insulation. As a result, they are increasingly approaching manufacturers like YBS Insulation for help and advice. In many cases, they are deciding to buy their high spec insulation products.

Sales of cavity wall insulation from YBSInsulation continue to grow

YBS Insulation has been making insulation products for several decades and have actually designed and developed some of the best insulation materials currently available. As a result of their hard work and attention to detail they have a well deserved reputation for making insulating products that are easy to install and do their job for decades after insulation. The growing need for high quality insulation materials such as cavity wall insulation has helped to increase their sales substantially over the past few years.


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