The Perfect Anniversary Gift is an Eternity Ring

England 20/07/2012- Sales of Astley Clarke eternity rings continue to be strong despite money being tight

Astley Clarke eternity rings have always been seen by people as special. The designers who work with Astley Clarke have a reputation for coming up with designs that are modern and contemporary.

The eternity ring has long been seen as a symbol of love. It is a way for couples to reaffirm their love for each other and to tell the world that their commitment to each other is still strong. They are typically thin bands of metal that are set with a continuous band of precious stones. The continuity of the stones is symbolic of never ending love. They are typically given on the occasion of a significant anniversary. In the past, many people would wait for their 25th wedding anniversary before giving an eternity ring. Today, people tend not to wait so long many people now give multiple eternity rings starting with one on the 10th anniversary.

Some of the designers at Astley Clarke have bought into this new tradition by designing their rings to be stacked together. When viewed from a distance the stack, which is usually made up of three rings, appears to be a beautiful single ring. These rings are usually bought as a group and either given together or a single ring is given at each significant anniversary. The beauty of this kind of eternity ring is its versatility as a piece of jewellery as well as its symbolic nature.

Alternative eternity rings from Astley Clarke

Whilst the majority of the eternity rings available at Astley Clarke are traditional thin banded rings there are several other shapes available. A very popular version is the Russian wedding ring. This ring is made out of three individual bands of gold that are interlinked. When on the finger the three bands cross over each other and are intertwined. The Curve ring is another popular design that you rarely see sold elsewhere. It is made from white gold that is set with garnets; however, the centre of the ring is slightly wider than the rest of the ring thus giving the overall shape of a traditional ring with a central setting.


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