Visitor Numbers in Northumberland Remain Stable

England 21/07/2012- Despite the recession and the inclement weather people are still choosing to visit Northumberland

The fact that many households are on a tight budget means that many have cut back on all but the essentials. In most cases they have chosen to take less holidays to make the household budget go further. For holiday companies this has been bad news and visitor numbers to some parts of the UK have diminished.  However, there is one part of the country that is bucking that trend, at least when you look at how many people are visiting tourist offices.

It is Northumberland, an area that is really unspoilt with plenty of history. The fact that it is so unspoilt led The Campaign to Protect Rural England, to call it “the most tranquil county in England”. However, there is still a wide choice of activities in the county.

The National Park on its own attracts 1.5 million visitors who are estimated to spend around £190 million each year. Hadrian’s Wall is also in the county and a large percentage of the 1.1 million visitors to the Wall visit it in the county of Northumberland.

Where people are staying in Northumberland

The county offers a huge variety of accommodation. You can camp, bring your caravan, stay in a hotel or B&B. There are also plenty of cottages in Northumberland. Both UK and foreign holidaymakers are seeking out independent holiday accommodation rather than catered accommodation. They enjoy the freedom to choose when and where they eat. Coming back to a real home where you can do what you like after a day out appeals. Relaxing in front of the TV or surfing the net whilst eating a take- away is perfect if you have had an active day.

Even cottages in Northumberland that are located in out of the way parts of the county are fully occupied in the summer. They are perfect for people who have come to the county to enjoy the wildlife. It is very popular with birdwatchers and golfers. The countryside can be seen and appreciated from horseback, on a bike or simply by following one of the county’s thousands of miles of tracks and paths.


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