England – 21/12/2011As consumers’  games consoles age more before being replaced the Xbox red ring of death is becoming more common

Any Xbox owner will tell you that they dread the day they go to turn their beloved console on only to be faced with their Xbox button showing a red ring of flashing light instead of a steady green one. This means that their Xbox is broken, which is why this phenomenon is called the Xbox red ring of death.

The cause of their Xbox suddenly going belly up is varied and it can happen at any time, in some cases, for no apparent reason. Solving the problem and getting your Xbox back up and working again is notoriously difficult. However, for most Xbox fans simply going without their console is not an option. Until recently if their console could not be easily fixed people simply went out and bought another one. Not anymore, people cannot afford to do this anymore, as a consequence more and more people are attempting repairs themselves. This has opened the door to some clever entrepreneurs who provide everything an Xbox owner needs to solve the problem and get their box working again.

The Xbox Red Ring of Death Industry

The main things people need when their Xbox breaks down is advice to narrow down the root cause of the problem and some basic equipment and hardware to carry out the repair. The web is a great place to go for that advice and a lot of console retailers are helping their customers to work out what the problem is and get their boxes up and running again.

Game Console World was one of the first console and game retailers to realise there was a new market out there. They saw their customers struggling and decided to help them. For them it is a win win situation. They help their customers to keep their Xboxes going, and they continue to buy games from them. It is a service their customers really appreciate and repay with loyalty to them and the products they sell.


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