Three of the World’s Most Famous Engagement Rings

[22/05/2012] – Almost everyone in life ends up getting their 15 minutes of fame in one way or another but for some people this just isn’t enough.  A perfect engagement ring can give you some extra time in the spotlight and you are sure to love the feeling of people stopping to gawk at it and ask questions about it.  Celebrities are no exception although they often go a step further and get deals with magazines like Hello and Vogue to show off their bling.  Here we look at three of the world’s most famous engagement rings and the celebrities that owned them.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z are one of the world’s hottest couples yet before they announced their engagement they had been secretly dating for as long as a year sources say.  The announcement of their engagement was not spoken of in person but as soon as the world say Beyoncé’s whopper engagement ring there was no doubt about it.  Created by designer Lorraine Schwartz the ring consists of a platinum band which contains an 18 carat colourless diamond ring and is estimated to be worth at least $5 million.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana was loved the world over until her unfortunate death in 1997.  For those who were supporters of the princess, one of the most significant moments in her life was her engagement to Prince Charles.  Produced by the crown jeweller, Garrard, the ring is a deep blue sapphire that is surrounded by a magnificent 14 diamonds.  Although this ring is on the lower side of the price scale when compared to other royal rings, it blew minds when she wore it for the first time.  This ring is priced at around £30,000 and is now owned by Kate Middleton.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s engagement ring was bought for her by Prince Rainer III of Monaco and originally cost $600,000 although it is thought to be worth around $2 million now.  Many feel the ring wouldn’t have been so flashy had Prince Rainer not wanted to impress the Hollywood elite at the time however it was certainly well received with Grace wearing it almost constantly from the moment it was given to her.  The ring featured a ruby cartier eternity band and a custom 12 carat emerald – this is clearly one of the flashiest celebrity rings that the world has seen to date.


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