Some of the Best Fireworks in the World Are Available from ACME Fireworks

[15/06/2012]- Fireworks are a staple accessory for many celebrations.  People in the United Kingdom buy them not just on the 5th of November to celebrate Bonfire Night, a remembrance of the foiled gun plot when Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the House of Parliament and King James I, but for any other occasion they can come up with.  ACME Fireworks can bring you the most beautiful fireworks for your event, whether it is a wedding, a birthday or just because you want to set off some gorgeous sparklers.


When you buy ACME fireworks, you may find that there are so many choices that you could easily purchase all of them.  Hence, we have made some fantastic assortments of fireworks, allowing you to get the best of everything in one easy package.  The Encore Presentation, for instance, is loaded with over 30 rockets and is specifically geared for events with children, because they are all relatively safe pieces of fireworks, including some gorgeous sparklers.


ACME Fireworks also offers some great novelty fireworks.  Take, for instance, the Cock Crowing at Dawn.  It is an insane chicken that sends out all sorts of sparkles in all sorts of colours.  Towards the end, the chicken will start whistling louder than you have ever heard any firework do.  It is amazingly inexpensive and hence one of our best sellers.


ACME Fireworks has been in the fireworks business for over 30 years.  We provide real world class fireworks exclusively to the world.  We lead the industry in terms of value and performance.  What makes us different, however, is that we also work with not for profit groups and charities so they can have fundraising opportunities.   We also offer the VIP club, for those who purchase larger amounts of fireworks.  Last but not least, we offer franchising opportunities to make sure our brand is spread across the country, offering nothing but the best value and best quality fireworks to everybody.


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