London, United Kingdom (2nd January 2013) – Track Surveys, a leading UK provider of performance-related tools and services, comments on the findings upon the release of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Global Wage Report 2012-13.

According to the ILO’s most recent report, many businesses have experienced significant changes to their working patterns since the onset of the worldwide recession, and have been pressured to considerably alter their internal practices in order to keep their businesses afloat.

Some companies have been implementing redundancies or wage cuts in order to survive; however, the ILO found that many other firms are instead opting for less severe measures by restructuring their workers’ shifts, amending hourly pay rates, and introducing work-sharing programs as a way of reducing the number of time employees spend at work.

A spokesperson for Track Surveys commented: “With more and more companies opting for work-sharing arrangements to retain valued employees and their skills, it’s critical that there are clear processes in place for performance management.

“Where a number of employees share a role or job, it’s very important that job descriptions and skills are clearly defined. This makes it easier for managers to monitor performance, and for the job-holders to be able to manage their shared work effectively.

“With these arrangements, it’s also important to ensure that employees are being consistently managed and assessed so that there are no risks of unfair treatment or discrimination claims.
That’s why it is of paramount importance to set out a performance management system that is able to clearly record agreed goals and performance standards, record regular performance discussions between managers and employees, and pull in fast and positive feedback from colleagues and customers.

“Even small organizations should ensure that they have a good, robust performance management system in place and that their managers and employees are trained to use it.”

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